Sunday, October 23, 2011

Loving this fall weather

We are taking advantage of the beautiful high 50 degree weather we've had this weekend. We cleaned up landscaping, and have been cleaning out the house.

We made large trip to drop off at Goodwill the remaining items our younger siblings in college did not need. We had 2 tube tv's left, and we cannot dispose of them via the trash service in our area. You can pay the dump $10 per TV or our BestBuy had an ad that said you could drop off to be recycled (no charge) and they would give you $10 BestBuy gift card per TV. We did this because BestBuy is closer than the dump and I'd rather get $20 for both then pay $20 for both.

Making some Beef Stew for dinner, drinking some yummy apple cider, and making some of Pioneer Woman Cook's Apple Dumplings. I haven't made these in quite a while and my mouth is watering.

We've been doing well with our savings, but I felt that a few bills were creeping up higher than I like. Netflix went up, but DH and I determined to keep it and pay the extra $5. I called Directv and was able to get $12 cut down off that bill, which is how I justified to myself keeping both streaming and mailbox delivery netflix. Really it's just cheaper than DH ordering one or two movies on Directv instant delivery at $5.99-$7.99/each. 

I have been traveling a ton for work. It's been great because DH and I decided to fly to see my family before Christmas this year and I was able to pay $5 total in fees to get his ticket using frequent flyer miles I've earned from work. My family has an extra car we will use for the week are there visiting. Work will be paying for my flight, I will be doing work 2 days and taking 3 days off as vacation.

I went through my food stockpile to rotate the items to ensure all items are used prior to expiration dates.
Also I think with things being so crazy at work and both of us working late, I'm going to start using the crock pot more (it makes sense with cold weather season approaching). Meal planning is also going to become the norm or me making meals day before to ensure we've got food. I also organized the freezer and determined what I need to cook. We're going to have 1 whole chicken per week if I can get away with it, or at least 3 per month til I can get rid of a few(we have 12), and a few turkeys.

DH and I set up our budget again and it looks like we will officially be living on 1 salary as of November, and it's the lower salary. The higher second salary will get put into savings. I have to do paperwork for DH to submit to have paycheck automatically deposited into our savings.
Meal Plan:
Mon-Beef Stew & cornbread
Tuesday-Roasted Chicken with mashed potatos and gravy
Wednesday- Grill steaks & peppers/onions with rice
Thursday- Chicken enchiladeas
Friday- Hamburgers
Saturday-Halloween party pizza

I scored awesome deal at CVS
Snickers candy 2/$5 but use $1 off CVS coupon and got 3 bags to use $1.50 off Q.
Paid with ECBs.
Total OOP  $0.04

Gallon of milk for $2.49

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Awesome Homemade Soap

I found a great new handmade soap at a local fair when I was in Indiana. It's called Peas and Carrots Body Bars. It's amazing. I have  a hard time finding soap I like but this is great for moisturizing.
They have several scents including an Axe Phoenix scent DH likes.

If anyone is interested you can reach them at or on Facebook at Peas and Carrots Body Bars

They do shipping and specialty packaging-they made bridal shower gifts fr a friend of mine

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Ok now I'm back

As I mentioned I got new job in July but I didnt realize I would be traveling nearly 2 months straight for couponing.

My store has ridiculously increased the cost for produce. Luckily we have had several farmers markets pop up so I started going there. I got grapes, pears, eggplant, onions, peppers for $6. Not bad for two weeks of produce forus. :)

Last week my cvs had milk for $2.19 gallon. Hosting football today but I will be checking the ads tonight.

Monday, June 20, 2011

New job, new outlook, new couponing goals

I'm back and feeling much better. I feel extremely relieved since I got a new job. I start in July, and I got a week off with the 4th holiday.  I am very excited and feeling much less stress.

I am planning to jump back into couponing full force, rebates,  and back onto the GC thread to follow the deals with all the lovely ladies.

The summer is very busy it seems for us, but I've set aside 1 hour twice per week for meal planning and coupons. Much of my planning can actually be done while cooking dinner since I'm already in the kitchen but just in case I get sidetracked I've set aside an hour on Sundays and on Wednesdays. :)

I feel refreshed after my break.